Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
Archies' Base & Pam's Green glazes

Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
with tree appliques

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees
Woodburning on plank

All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Fused glass

All Polished UP

All Polished UP
Canvas/nail polish

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holiday Glow 2013

We are moving to Alexandria, MN...it will be fun to meet artists in that area and get involved in their community art scene.  I am passing along the leadership of the Holiday Glow Art Sale & Show & Charity Benefit to two very capable and talented, hard-working women: Jessica Pribula and Kim Forness-Wilson.  I'll try to keep you posted on their plans for this year's event on the 2nd weekend in November!  In preparation for moving, I am donating a few of my major art pieces to my alma mater, UND.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Holiday Glow Art Sale & Show & Charity Benefit was a huge success.  I earned over $3000 for our local homeless mission.  The work they do for our community is priceless and I am happy to give 1/2 of all my art sales to support their good work!

I plan to expand my glass fusing work - and do abstract birds, along with landscapes and fish.  And I loved making the "Little Behinds" monoprint series ( the backsides of cute little animals!) and user friendly string puppets...new items for me this year.

Happy New Year - I hope you are well-blessed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Check out the info about Holiday Glow 2012 - Art Sale, Show and Charity Benefit at www.jackiesart.com OR www.holidayglow.net.  See photos of work by all the participating artists and learn more about the show and the artists and their work, too.

13 Artist Open Houses in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks Nov. 9, 5-9pm, Nov. 10, 11am - 7pm and Sunday, Nov. 11 from 1-5pm.  We have a new twist this year - great prizes - you'll be sure to want to win.  Details coming later!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Holiday Glow 2012 Artists' Open Houses

Holiday Glow 2012
Coming to an artist's home soon!

Nov. 9, 5-9pm, Nov. 10, 11am - 7pm, Nov. 11, 1-5pm

The following artists invite you to shop in their homes for unique gifts and art:

Piper Bloomquist, Jeanne O'Neil, Therese Jacobson, Sheila Dalgliesh, Sandy Johnson, Tom Johnson, Paula Kallinen, Terry Kuntz, Karla Nelson, Tom Perdue, Jessica Pribula, Jean Westman, Kim Wilsom and myself.

The Holiday Glow website is in the process of being updated!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bismarck Art Show BAGA

Life is a whirlwind - and I love it! A trip to Budapest, Vienna and Prague, then to Puerto Rico and sandwiched-in visits to our daughters and grandkids. I don't put my suitcase away these days, just wash laundry when I get home and repack for the next trip!

My show at the Bismarck Art Gallery opens on Feb. 28. The reception is March 2 - everyone is invited, the more the merrier! My exhibit is called "Can You See the Forest for the Trees & Prairie Snapshots". I'm posting a few photos here.

Waiting patiently for spring in the north country...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Art Ornaments, Vases, Jewelry

Holiday Art Ornaments, Vases, Jewelry.

I've been on the run from home to Wichita to help our daughter and her family while she is on bed rest and pregnant. It has been a special time for me!

I have found time to make some art for the holidays: tree ornaments and holiday decorations, one of a kind art like my Abstract Autumn fused glass work, necklaces, vases, paintings for my show in Oct. at the downtown bakery, and work for the 3rd annual Holiday Glow Art Sale & Show, which was held Nov. 11, 12 and 13.

The sale was a huge success and I raised over $2,000 for our local homeless mission. I donate 1/2 of my art sales to that organization. Check out my etsy shop and know that your purchases help the homeless!

I hope you and yours have a well-blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas, too!

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to teach painting to toddlers

How to teach painting to toddlers? We recently had our 16 month old grand daughter visiting from Wichita...and I wanted her to have her first painting experience in my studio while she was here.

Important points to remember:
  • Have your camera ready to catch the artist in action.
  • Have several old washcloths and a bucket of water handy.
  • Get everything set up before you bring the child to the painting 'center'.
  • Use only non - toxic, water based poster or tempera paint!
  • Don't use water colors. They are too frustrating for young kids as the colors make 'mud' quickly.
  • Limit the number of colors to 2 or 3, with white, to start with. For more 'attractive' finished pieces use colors that are adjacent on the color wheel, like purple, red and blue. If you want to have the child use colors that are opposite on the color wheel, like purple and yellow, use one color then let it dry before using the second color. You may still get a little mixing (therefore brown/grays) but not nearly as much.
  • Tape up a really large piece of heavy paper, illustration board or scrap mat board on a wall. Make sure it is really securely attached. And try to keep the tape only on the back or the very edges of the painting surface. Or use a child's easel if you have one...they are great gifts.
  • Use chubby brushes, with short handles.
  • Lids from ice cream pails work great as palettes, if you want to wash it or toss it. See below.
  • Put a paint shirt on the child, and an apron on yourself and wear old clothes both of you!
  • Let the child 'have at it' - show how to dip the brush in the paint and then on the paper. Give praise!
  • Encourage explorations - of color mixing, line and mark making. Please don't worry about rinsing out the brush between colors. Kids will lose interest quickly and mixing paint is most of the fun...as you will see on the palette!
  • Let the child paint her/his hands and 'print' them on the paper, too.
  • Most toddlers will be 'finished' quickly!
  • Let the painting dry. Come back to it later to add more or frame it up! Preschool paintings are especially cute framed with a photo of the child making the art work in a double mat inside one frame. One more idea: use a thick paper palette - like another piece of illustration board or mat board and frame that with the art and the photo!
Have fun!

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