Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
Archies' Base & Pam's Green glazes

Pottery Bowl

Pottery Bowl
with tree appliques

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees
Woodburning on plank

All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Fused glass

All Polished UP

All Polished UP
Canvas/nail polish

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No before Christmas show and sale...

Well, the Dec. 6/7 show didn't work out. It was too short of notice for most artists that I contacted. One of the painters suggested having a Sweetheart Sale on Jan. 31. We'll try for that and with our target audience Valentine's Day shoppers. We'll work on it next week and see if it'll be a go or not.

We had a house full of company for Thanksgiving - lots of fun to have family here. The oldest was my dad, 79, and the youngest guest was our 13 month old granddaughter. Every towel in our house was used - I was surprised to find the linen closets empty when everyone left and we started doing laundry.

I have been dismayed because the acrylic spray that I used on my clock and Wino wine charms has remained tacky after 10 days of drying time. I called Krylon and they sent a Min - Wax product that I am supposed to use on top of the Krylon. Three coats with a natural brush and it should take care of the problem. I wish I didn't have to spend the time brushing that stuff on. I guess Sculpey clay has a lot of oil in it that reacts with the Krylon spray - they've had other similar calls. I think they should have a caveat on the can that it isn't good to use on Sculpey.

I had two etsy sales this week so that was fun...Namaste and LOL both sold. I hope to get some more listings up on etsy this week...now's the time for Christmas shoppers to be browsing around.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fine Art Show & Sale

I've decided to try to put together a Fine Art Show and Sale for the weekend of Dec. 6 & 7 at the Columbia Mall. I'll need to bring between 10-14 artists together to help share the cost of the space. It should be a busy weekend at the Mall, so hopefully sales will be good. I'll need to confirm with the Mall manager on Monday of next week.

I've finally gotten a few new listings into my etsy shop: some nightlights (Christmas trees and other designs) and "Wino" wine charms...perfect gifts and handmade besides! I plan to get some pottery listed, along with a few other items, too. I've been frustrated with my photos turning out bluish or greenish - this after I figured out how to get it focused on things that are close. We are liking our new camera, but I wish it didn't come with a learning curve! It's so hard to learn things the hard way, by trial and error.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Art Show Coming Down

My show at the Dakota Harvest Bakery comes down today. I plan to get busy and photograph the felted landscapes and felted madonnas, along with a bunch of my newest pottery, in a pretty light green glaze, this week. I'll get them listed on etsy just in time for Christmas shoppers. I am also hopeful of revamping my website and adding a shopping cart feature to it - our good neighbor, a computer guru, is taking care of that for me.

After returning from Egypt, I started an Egyptian art unit with my 28 weekly students. We are doing tempera batiks and some clay cartouches in the pottery studio. The more I read about the ancient Egyptian culture the more interesting it becomes...and the connection between the culture and the art is SO pronounced - one could hardly exist without the other. It was fascinating to be in the tomb of one of the high priests from 4,400 years ago and see the relief carvings and learn why they were done...my kids are doing paintings of themselves doing something they enjoy in this life, that they also would like to enjoy in their next life.

One of the boys is hang gliding, Egyptian style - his face is in profile, with a frontal eye and shoulders, but feet and hips in profile. One of the girls is swimming with a long Egyptian gown on, complete with fancy pectoral collar - quite a swimsuit! We are having fun learning about and trying out some of the Egyptian art ideas.

My husband is trying to get a new TV and Wii up and running - I think I'm happy to watch our old one. It has far fewer buttons on the remote. I'm not sure I'm up to learning about the new one. We're hoping to have fun with the Wii at Thanksgiving when family will be here visiting!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy Land & Egypt

We're back! It was an awesome trip - to walk where Jesus walked, to see the sights of Jerusalem and Jericho, to climb Mt. Sinai in the dark of the night in order to experience the darkest of skies and a magnificent red sunrise, to float in the Dead Sea (the first time in my life that I have really floated!), to have a boat ride on the Sea of Gallilee,

to pray in the Garden of Gethsamane, to have communion in the Garden Tomb site, to visit Capernaum where Jesus did much of his teaching and ministry, to go to the site of the Miracle of the Five Loaves and Fishes, to see many ancient Roman ruins and aquaducts and learn about their marvelous building accomplishments, to put our feet in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized, to visit Bethlehem and the place where Jesus was born,

to go to the Dome of the Rock where Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac, to learn about the Bedouin nomads, to walk around the top of Masada and see the caves at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, to walk through a tunnel and touch the Western Wall that stood in Jesus' time in Jerusalem, to learn about Hasidic jews and a bit about their lifestyle and culture, to see the Treasury at Petra, one of the Wonders of the World, to see the Sinai and Sahara deserts, to ride in a tunnel under the Suez Canal,

to see the well where Moses met his wife and the site of the burning bush, to see some of King Tut's tomb treasure and his golden death mask, to see the Giza pyramids and the vendors hawking camel rides, horse rides, postcards, head scarfs, beads, photos and other merchandise, to see the Great Sphinx without his nose and beard (because French soldiers used them for target practice), to see reliefs carved in the tomb of a high priest 4,400 years ago in all their original colors, to see places where soldiers and police are everywhere, to experience the culture shock that is Cairo - this trip will be a resource for the future for me, spiritually, emotionally and artistically.

How blessed we are to live in the United States - to have the freedom to travel to other places in the world, to say what we want, when we want and not fear reprisals, to know that in large part our well-being is directly proportionate to how hard we work and what we envision for ourselves and decide to pursue!
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