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Pottery Bowl
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Johnny's Trees

Johnny's Trees
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree Ornaments

Have any of you tried making tree ornaments that birds will appreciate next spring? I'm giving it a whirl with my art kids on Monday. We'll be stringing nuts (my husband was kind enough to drill holes in all of them- he's a peach!), cranberries, raisins, grapes and other edible things.

We'll tie those strings to a dogwood branch and stick the branch in the bottom of a milk carton. We'll tie the other end of the strings to another dogwood branch and set that on the top of the carton. Then we'll add water and little pieces of string and different colors of yarn as we fill up the carton. We'll set the whole business outside (it's been -18 degrees here - yikes!) until it freezes solid.

After it is a solid, pretty ice cube we'll tie some jute to the top branch and hang it in one of our bare trees. Hopefully, it'll be a pretty ornament to glisten through our long winter. The birds will start coming back after it has started melting and they can enjoy our little treats, and the strings will come in handy for their nest building.

I'll take a photo and post it - so you know if it works, or not!

PS What is your pet peeve during the holiday season? Mine is people who don't understand the concept of waiting in line, or else understand it and don't think it should apply to them!

May God bless your Saturday!


Princess S said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

My pet peeve is not just a problem at Christmas......I hate that when shopping people seem like zombies....the don't aknowledege that there are others shopping as well.....what happened to spreading good cheer all year long????

Jackie said...

Good point, Princess S! I hope Santa doesn't hear us pet-peeving, he might not make a stop at our houses. He couldn't get here today - we have a raging blizzard going!

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